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We also have luxury cottages

We also have luxury cottages!

BBQ House for Hire


Onsite, there is a BBQ house for hire (£20 cleaning charge), for the rare occasions when the Cornish weather might not be at it’s best! This is also the ideal spot for groups to convene, with a capacity of 12-14 adults. The pods are not suitable for group meetings.

The Barbecue Hut

The  Honesty Shop  is open during the summer season, from 10am – 5pm most days.

Our chickens are a variety of rare breeds and lay multi-coloured eggs, some of which are double yolkers! [when the fox hasn’t had them!]

Our Lambs have a happy life, as you walk around the farm you can see how much space they have to run free. Unusually, our sausages are produced from the whole pig.

When you cook our meat it doesn’t produce masses of excess fat like supermarket meat and once you taste it you will most definitely notice the difference.

As well as our own meat and eggs, the shop also stocks basic essentials, to save you making the trip to the supermarket for minor necessities.